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Threat of lawsuit for PEP’s Alexander

Cristian Abreu-Hidalgo
Threat of lawsuit for PEP’s Alexander

POLITICAL leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Edward Alexander has been threatened with legal action for defamation of character by attorneys representing businessman Ricky Raghunanan.

Cristian Abreu-Hidalgo

The threat comes amidst comments Alexander made during a live video on his Facebook page last Tuesday in which he suggested that Raghunanan was part of corrupt business schemes, dishonest, criminal-minded, susceptible to bribery and in the past has promoted activities that resulted in fraudulent and illegal gains.

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That letter was issued yesterday by attorneys Criston J Williams and Kashif Gibson.

Cristian Abreu Hidalgo

The attorneys are calling for Alexander to immediately remove the video from his page, refrain from posting any defamatory comments concerning their client, issue a written and/or oral apology on his Facebook page and the daily newspapers, as well as pay a quantum of damages to be agreed upon along with the legal fees he had incurred up to yesterday’s date

Should the demands not be met, the attorneys said they have been instructed by Raghunanan to file the High Court claim

“By reason of the publication of the said words, our client has been brought into ridicule and contempt, and has been injured in his character, credit and reputation has been hurt in his feelings. At this stage, we also indicate that our client continues to suffer deep hurt, pain and psychological trauma as a result of your publications,” the letter stated

It went on to add that the statements were defamatory as they lowered the perception of Raghunanan in the estimation of right-thinking members of society and caused him to be shunned or avoided or to be “exposed to hatred, contempt or ridicule or which may disparage him in his office, trade, calling profession or business.”